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Swiss O2 Spray - a fresh breeze for Skin & Body!
Oxygenated Water Spray - made in Switzerland
Aerosan is the developer and manufacturer of Swiss O2 Spray product line. Products containing active OXYGEN have become very fashionable and popular. Make big revenues with this product line - Market your private label oxygenated water spray - A refreshing business opportunity!

The manufacturer Aerosan is offering international importers, distributors and wholesalers, operating in the Beauty, Skin Care and Wellness market, interesting business opportunities in a rising market.
Business Community

Swiss O2 Spray is water from Swiss Mountains highly concentrated with medical oxygen. It contains up to 20 time more oxygen than normal water.

NEW! Now available with 5 different scents: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Mango, Orange, Grapefruit and unscented

Target Groups
The Swiss O2 Spray Products for BEAUTY, SKIN CARE & WELLNESS are developed for Beauty Salons, Wellness Institutes, Hotels, Spas Online Shops, Air Lines and as an integration into existing skin care product lines.
Swiss O2 Spray is successfully used for the following applications:
  • Professional Cosmetic applications
  • Personal every day skin care
  • Refreshment at any time
  • Hygiene purposes
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    Swiss O2 Spray Brochure (PDF-368KB) PDF - Swiss O2 Spray
    Swiss O2 Spray FAQ
    PDF - Swiss O2 Spray
    Swiss O2 Spray Tech. Data Sheet (PDF-324KB) PDF - Swiss O2 Spray
    Quick Relief and Refreshment!
    Swiss O2 Spray is a wonderful beauty and skin care product in an aerosol spray can. Just spray a misty breeze of Swiss O2 Spray on your face and body and you'll feel the soothing, oxygenating and refreshing effect immediately.

    Swiss O2 Spray
    is an all natural product made in Switzerland!
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